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Your Questions Answered!

1. How long have you been teaching others
~As of 2024, 19 years. 10 years as a Spiritual Mentor. I was guided to Spiritual Mentoring in 2013. Went through an extensive training program with my first mentor, and then started with my own students in 2014. This was after I completed 3 years of my own personal healing work. Prior to and during my transition, I was a hairstylist for 10 years, and received plenty of practice listening, sharing advice and eventually became an educator. 

2. How many people have you assisted as a Spiritual Mentor? 
~Honestly I've lost count, and did not keep a detailed record in the early years. I’m sure it's in the thousands. Some weeks I guide 10-12 people, and some weeks are 18-21 people, in one on one sessions. This does not include people from events, workshops, retreats, or yoga classes. 

3. Where or whom did you learn mentoring from?
~My first Mentor helped me to realize that this was my calling, took me through my own deep healing work for 3 years, and then trained me on her processes that she's been using for 17+ years. My current Teacher has been guiding and teaching me deep self-transformational work, rituals, ceremonies, and processes since 2014. She has been helping/guiding people for 30+ years.

4. What makes you think you are qualified to do this? 
~Besides the extremely deep and intensive training I received, and continue to do so, my life path would qualify me. A person cannot possibly guide others through something they know nothing about. You would not allow someone to guide you through the mountains, that has never been to the mountains. I have done my inner-child work. Have healed my core wounds and changed most of my false, limiting core beliefs. I started studying the science of Yoga in 2005, and continue to do so on a daily basis now. I sit, practice, learn, and take myself through initiations, dark nights of the soul, and deep transformational work on a daily/weekly/monthly basis with the help of the sweet Divine! I've been through addiction, death of loved ones, self-harming, self-sabotage, self-loathing, divorce, depression, shame, guilt, anger, loneliness, and serious suicidal thoughts. If I can do it, so can you!!! 

5. How long do you recommend to start (how many sessions?)
~To begin to notice any changes in your life, a minimum of 25 weekly sessions. This will ONLY work if the student is committed and determined. If they are not showing up to do their own work, 100 sessions won't make a difference. 

6. What does a typical mentoring session look like and what does it include?
~We will usually begin with deep breath work. Each session is very unique and intuitively guided. You can expect to receive processes and practices that I've been given and utilized over the years. Sometimes new modalities will come through specific to that student. We will engage in guided meditations, visualizations, mantras to repeat, writing practices, different physical movements, emotional release techniques, reading assignments, quotes, books, self-healing practices for home, Ayurvedic practices, journaling questions, anger, depression, and anxiety therapy, energetic cleansing, and self-esteem building. You will be sent a "Soul-work" (homework) email recapping all that we spoke about, and the tools you were given that day. We will also be outlining specific goals you have, and completion dates for those. I will be sending you Reiki healing throughout your session. Also included is unlimited emotional and email support, along with the option to text or call me if you are in a dire/emergency state. 

7. Where do you do these sessions? 
~Either in-person at my healing space in Fremont (Seattle, WA) or via zoom.  Pre-pandemic most of them were over zoom so I could continue my love of travel. It also enables me to reach & assist students all over the world. If you prefer in-person sessions, we can meet at my office with loads of sacred healing tools. Please email me for this option.

8. How much are the Mentoring sessions & are there packages?

~Yes, there are a few options below.  All come with personalized "soul-work" emails after each session, distance-reiki for zoom calls, (if desired) as well as unlimited text & email support.


Please note: the 10 & 25 packs are for weekly students only. Not valid for part-time or monthly students. 

   60 Minute Mentoring via Zoom*

  • $110  (sliding scale available-book consult to inquire)

  • 5 pack of zoom- $500 

  • 10 pack of weekly zoom- $1050

  • 6 months/25 weekly sessions- $2700  ​

   In person at Shakti Sacred Space *

  • $125- 60 min mentoring

  • 5 pack- $600

  • 10 pack weekly- $1200

  • 6 months/25 weekly sessions- $3000


  • $175- 90 mins includes reiki/shamanic work, mentoring, and/or types of yoga movement/ breathing  

  • 5 pack- $850 

  • 10 pack weekly- $1700

  • 6 months/25 weekly sessions- $4300

*All packages have 3.3% processing fee if paid via credit card. Venmo has no fee.  

9. Do you provide any kind of guarantees?
~Yes! I guarantee if YOU are showing up for every session, actively completing your homework, making the small, daily changes we talk about, and reaching out to me when you are in times of darkness, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE DRAMATICALLY! (No, this does not come with a money-back-guarantee. I cannot monitor your every moment, nor am I your babysitter.) 

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