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Life Coaching Programs


Shakti + Me 

A unique and personalized one on one transformative, elevated, and empowered spiritual growth process. You will have the opportunity to absorb the knowledge that is passed on, integrate the tools you receive, experience unparalleled emotional support, allow yourself to be challenged, and be held accountable from session to session.

There are four basic phases that will be uniquely personalized to where you are at on your journey. Each phase will overlap and intertwine with one another and takes the time it does with each individual, so being patient with yourself and this process is a requirement.


You will be responsible for:

What we like to call soul-work (homework) that, together, we decide upon in session. An email will be sent recapping each session and outlining that soul-work.


Throughout this journey, you can expect to receive my full attention, emotional support, reiki energy healing, and private movement sessions, such as yoga and yin yoga if we meet in person. This path is tailored to your needs, and each session is either held over a confidential video call on Zoom or in person at my sacred healing space.


There are 4 general phases: 

  • It is imperative that after making this commitment to yourself, we start from the ground up and build your strong foundation for spiritual growth. We will do this by evaluating where and how you are out of balance in your thoughts, actions, and physical body. We will then develop a plan of action to bring strength, balance, and clarity to your daily routines. You will be introduced to what Shakti is, and how that will play in to this process.

  • After your foundation has been built with strength, we will move deeper into observation. Every repetitive situation, thought, and action in your life come from a beginning. We will follow your story backwards and identify where your false, limiting beliefs came from. This is not to live in the past, but to acknowledge the where & how, so that you can begin to rewire, express, process, and release anything that is no longer serving you. This will be done through guided mediations, visualizations, intuitive listening, body movement (such as yoga), and other tools.

  • By acknowledging and releasing your past belief system, you are now free to rewrite what is you believe about yourself, your relationships, and your life. You will discover more clarity as you learn how to flow and dance with your Shakti energy and life, instead of pushing against it. If you so choose, this phase will also include working with different Goddesses to help unleash your power.

  • Once you have the momentum rolling and all your tools, we will discuss what it is that you wish to bring into your life over the next 5, 10, 20 years, etc. By this point, our sessions will be further apart, with the intention that we meet on an as-needed basis. I am not here to babysit you, or hold your hand for the rest of your life. This is YOUR journey. I am here to guide you until you can swim on your own.

*Single sessions are available for those needing intermittent support


How do you know if you are ready for a consult or a full session?

Sign up for a consultation if:

~You are unsure what a “spiritual awakening ” means
~You feel lost, stuck, depressed and don’t know where to go or who to talk to
~Anxiety seems to be taking over your life
~Nervous about trying something new
~Need a little clarity on a big decision
~Are concerned for a friend
~Not sure about meditation, yoga, or eastern practices
~Have questions regarding Shakti events or anything on this website

Schedule a full session if ANY of these apply to you:

~Know and can feel in your heart you are ready for guidance
~Are interested in more information about the science and practices of Yoga
~Looking for a more Spiritual life
~Desire a total life transformation
~Want to learn how to meditate
~Ready to heal from past trauma
~Going through a divorce
~Addiction issues
~Time for a job or career change
~Constantly upset with family members
~In an abusive relationship
~Looking to move to a new city, state, or country
~Interested in Goddess work
~Want to learn about Reiki, Crystal, or Essential Oil Therapy
~Are curious about the Spiritual, Metaphysical, Quantum, Energetic, or Angelic worlds
~Just need someone to listen & let you know you are loved

Shakti + Me
Consult or Whole Session?

Thank you for your interest in the following programs. They are in the cauldron of creation at this moment. Please sign up for our newsletter below to receive updates. 

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