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This is Who & What we are


Pronounced: Shahk-tee.

This Sanskrit word translates into Power.
So why do you need a power revolution?

We hope to help awaken you to your highest potential. The reservoir of strength that is already within you. So you can remember your true power, RECLAIM YOUR DIGNITY, and extend your light into the world! Our beliefs will also become a part of your life so you can live with true Integrity, Honesty, and Passion!


*Note to reader: When I, Sara Wolf, talk about Shakti Revolution, I will always use "we", "us", "our" because it is not just me. I feel very strongly about the Divine guidance that I receive for all of this, so I cannot take complete personal credit for what is done for the betterment of others. Thank you.

Some of our most important processes touch back to our root core beliefs, and what behaviors we use to practice those beliefs. Just as a tree grows, we cannot grow until we are firmly rooted down. Our beliefs and practices help us to do this. These practices, along with many others are integrated into our daily Sadhana, (a means for accomplishing something spiritual.) Eventually we begin to have certain experiences within us that lead to lasting change.

In the school and science of Yoga, there must be a teacher to pass along the ancient wisdom. This knowledge has to first be received. Next, this wisdom must be absorbed by the student. Third, the student will then have an experience of this knowledge. Lastly, and only then, will the student have complete understanding of what the passed along information really was.

So, what is at the core of what we teach? "Walking the walk & talking the talk."

At Shakti Revolution, our unwavering beliefs and how we practice each one of these on a daily basis, helps to lead you to your individual experience.

(belief) + (behavior) = (student experience)

~Love + Surrender/Commitment = Acceptance
~Equality + Non-judgement = Witnessed
~Ownership + Integrity/Honesty = Empowered
~Expression + Movement/Creating = Encouraged
~Freedom + Wildness/Boldness = Strength

What happens in this process, is that eventually these beliefs and practices become your own, and they continue to assist you in your life's experiences. You become so light and bright that you end up positively affecting those around you. This is a basic formula for paying it forward by starting at the root. Your root. YOUR revolution.

When you believe in (blank) and practice (blank) you gain (blank.)

When you believe in Love, and practice this with surrendering and commitment to daily routines, you experience self acceptance, and a deeper connection from within.

Our core beliefs + how we practice them = the experiences we needed to change. And now, that same process helps to lead you through your experiences to your revolutionary change as well. Whether you go through the whole Shakti + Me Mentorship, Journey Yoga program, or come to only one event, you will be forever changed. This Divine knowledge that flows through, is not something that can really be put into words. It is truly all about the experience.

Not all have the courage to start or stay on this journey. Congratulations! You found your way here by no mistake. Welcome to your Shakti Revolution!

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