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Integrative Reiki Healing Session

It's like a massage for your soul!

  • 1 hour
  • 135 US dollars
  • Lower Queen Anne. Exact location given after a short consult.

Service Description

Using multiple modalities, Sara will guide you through a very supple and relaxing session while you lay on a comfortable massage table. Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing practice. Its name, acquired from Japanese, translates to universal life energy. It will balance mind, body, and spirit, as well as helping to regulate the energetic body (the chakra system,) and assisting in emotional, mental, and physical issues. It is a hands-on/off healing touch modality while you relax on the healing table. Sara will incorporate cards, crystals, musical tones, alchemy sound healing bowls, breath-work, and smudging as needed. Naturally derived from the earth, crystals can channel energy and focus, store, transmit or transmute that energy. While you relax on the healing table, a crystal grid will be placed under you, then upon, and around you. The session will begin with guided meditation, essential oils that are chosen specifically for you, and will conclude using special sound & vibration-balancing tuning forks to help ground you.

Contact Details


Shakti Revolution, LLC, 2nd Avenue West, Seattle, WA, USA

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