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Who we are & how we will help you

Shakti Revolution is a collection of processes, events, and ancient wisdom that create and foster more responsibly awakened spiritual teachers, leaders, and individuals. Our beliefs of Love, Freedom, Equality, Ownership, and Expression will become a staple part of your path. 

Shakti Revolution will be many things to many different people:

  • Support system for your spiritual awakening

  • A place to truly be seen, heard and understood

  • Opening to the realization of your flow around and within your consciousness

  • A scientific path to liberation and freedom

  • Doorways that lead to your enjoyment and bliss

  • Keys that unlocks the deep love that you are, and will attract

  • Platforms in which to meet and nurture the relationships that you deserve

  • A canvas to create your wildest dreams

  • Opportunities for true acceptance

  • A space to rest in peace and pure love

Complimentary Consultation
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Contact Us

Mail: Sara@Shakti-revolution.com

Based in Seattle, WA

Tel: +1 619-602-4018

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