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Another Way

How could sharing my story with others be effective in helping them through what they are going through? If I was to tell my tale over and over….would that pull me in to victim mode? What about the effects of hearing their stories over and over?

Enough is enough. I have been looming for months now around a particular feeling. A deep feeling that there is a different way to approach healing of the “healed-self.” This shift that is going on in the world, inside each of us, is a pathway to freedom. Energy is shifting so rapidly, that we are missing some key elements. Or maybe I was OUGHT to be missing them. Elements that yes, have worked for many in the past, but as we make this shift, is it possible that we don’t need some of these perspectives anymore?

I have found that when a strong emotion comes up, if I acknowledge it, and embrace it, then I can go about my day. It’s when I sit around & try so freaking hard to figure out why this emotion is coming up again, that I end up in a shit-hole.

This dark, endless, hole of mind-screwing crap (pardon my language, but this is how I really feel) just keeps one swirling as if in a water tunnel leading to nowhere. “Where is this coming from?” “What happened in my past that I need to look at & let go of?” “Who wronged me long ago that I need to forgive now?” For the love of God…ENOUGH!

What has been helping me lately? Stillness & Breath. I’ll say it again, maybe you didn’t quite hear me…STILLNESS…and…BREATH!

Being the observer of what my body is going through. Literally moving through. So much that I can observe how my cells are processing and regenerating this change, this growth. Observing my feelings moving & changing. Observing my thoughts blaming, and trying so hard to figure it out. STILL(ness)…I lay there, observing it. Remembering that this too shall pass.

Is it possible that we don’t need to identify every last freaking issue that comes up? I agree with initial and very strong situations that happen in one’s life, especially upon the awakening process. There are definitely core wounds & false core beliefs that need to be addressed at first.

Continuing in service work, empath work, intuitive work, I am feeling now that it is possible to take on others feelings & issues. Especially if you are working with talk therapy/coaching/mentoring. I mean, our words have such strong vibrations and by sitting around talking about other’s issues, I feel it could leak into your brain & emotions like a slow gas leak. And therefore, impacting your mental, emotional, and physical state.

One then proceeds to have a “dark night of the soul” repeatedly, and is in this endless swirl of self-healing. Much different than self-observation. We as space holders, are sensitive enough, that we do not need to be thinking that there is always something wrong with us. That is BULLSHIT!

The challenge here is to re-member that you are the observer. You are part of a larger…MUCH LARGER, space holder. You get to listen to, accept, and honor the pain & journey of others.

When it shows up in your emotions because our psyche just hasn’t caught up with our evolution, use your tools! BE STILL. BREATH. And for God’s sake, get back to what you know….YOGA! Union baby. Connect your breath with movement, and then be still & let those age-old tools work for you. Your story was your story. It helped you to get here. But it doesn’t have to define you. Honor your journey, and flow forward.

I heard some amazing advice today, when you wake up in the morning, first thing you do is ask yourself, “what do I want today?” Beyond work, beyond responsibilities. Truly, what do you want today? Then……….DO IT! Are you waiting for tomorrow that may never come? I love that as I am typing this I am very observant that I may just be typing this advice to myself. WOW….did you count the “I’s” in that sentence? Are you one of those people? I, I, I, I don’t care. I is a very valid & delicious part of ME. I am whole & complete, right here, right now. I AM ENOUGH.

So, NO! What I am feeling is not because I still need to look into what my childhood was like. Been there, done that, and can talk freely about all of it with out being triggered. What has happened, is that I forgot to be still. Forgot to breath & connect with my initial source of love. I am not without. I am not unworthy. I am not alone.


And so it is. So be it. Blessed be.

Hugs & delicious Love,

The Gypsy Wolf

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