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Close to Colombia

Immediately upon landing in this country, I felt close to Colombia. There was an immediate sensation of butterflies in my stomach. You know, the way your heart feels during a first passionate kiss. The way your stomach drops on a roller coaster. The magic is real…

The beginning of this chapter started in Baranquilla. I landed at my friend Vanessa’s family home. I felt tired and overweight from my last travels and the holiday season in Colorado. Vanessa and her family took me in like one of their own. With extreme healthy eating and working out, I was feeling more like myself 2 weeks later. Got to march in the famous Carnival as well. It’s the 2nd biggest carnival in the world, only after Brazil. Met some amazing people who have touched my heart, and was able to facilitate yoga and reiki sessions. Extremely blessed in Baranquilla!!!

Now here in this fast forward city of Medellín, and the stay-put decision the universe has guided me to, I feel at home. A “new, exciting, opportunities-bounding” kind of home. It’s beyond manifestation. It’s the tangibility of dreams you can touch with your body, mind, and soul. I can breathe happiness in the air like a child does with cotton candy at a carnival. But I get to choose to stay. That amazing gift again. Choice! Not sure what tomorrow will bring, or next week for that matter. But it doesn’t. Right now does. And right now I am happier than I have ever been. More sure of myself than I have ever been. More confident, sexy, strong, and open than ever before. My presence within itself is a gift beyond measure or explanation. I love this city. I traded living next to an ocean of water, for a small metropolis nestled in a valley of emerald green bosom, surrounded by a glittery ocean of lights at night. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for my Love in Medellín!

From letting tears of gratitude roll down my cheeks to feeling angel feathers on my heart. I am blessed beyond measure. Knowing that I am mine. And what’s mine is this tapestry of woven dreams. This is all I need.

Hugs and Love, Gypsy Wolf

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