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The distance was made in the concrete. The bustling of the city. The big rise of the buildings. As much as I love this city, I have allowed it to disconnect me from my earthly soul. It brought challenges that positively I thought I’d already exceeded. Now here, writing to you, I am a changed woman forever.

The energy inside me, and that grows in all of us, is not quite conceptualized until you actually are faced with it. Now, an amazing circumstance has brought me back to my present being, and an unimaginable moment of presence. To go or not to go, truly was my question…

One one hand, remaining out of my own country and continuing travel was what seemed like my destiny was. I faced struggles of doubt, and uncertainty. Of teeter-totter like emotions going back and forth. What was my next step to be? Where was my next place? As I allowed these emotions to run over me, my days felt uneven. My path unclear.

With decision making, my gut knew to use my tools. So this past Thursday morning I engaged in an hour of intense self-led yoga. Then an hour of meditation, followed by an hour of journaling. What was presented to me in meditation was another clear vision. A blessing of sight. Not unlike the ones received while in the jungles of Costa Rica last fall. The ideas that flowed to me then, still had no clear path of when or where. From this specific day of meditation I am talking, came the When and the Where!

First let me back up a bit…

During my path of teaching and healing in San Diego, It was understood this is what I am meant to do and it filled my heart. At that time, It did not feel as if what I was doing was coming from a 100% authentic place. Some things were still amiss. It was not effortless. At times it felt forced or like a struggle to figure out who and when and where. I was then called to shed earthly possessions and travel. So on this journey of discovery in other countries, my energy has been going inwards. Self reflection. Learning, and learning how to step into my own power and purpose. Here in Colombia, it was my intention to really unleash my personal power of healing and teaching. The past 2 months have flowed in exact pace with my plan and purpose.

My time here has consisted of teaching yoga multiple times a week both Yang and Yin, facilitating private Reiki sessions as well as trading Reiki and Reiki in yoga classes. Stepping into my role as a leader in multiple workshops and even launching my dream of chakra workshops. Today as I write this, I feel the most solid I’ve ever felt as a Teacher, Healer, Guide, and Energy Worker. It is understood that what these gifts are, are not just a job or career or path. These gifts ARE ME! 100% ME! And what is clear now, is my desire to be my authentic true self everyday of my life.

SO, on that other hand, this past day of intense Sadhana (daily spiritual practice that can include, but not limited to, yoga, meditation, and journaling) showed me the vision of returning to my home country for this next chapter. To finally spread my authentic love and light to local friends, family, and students. It is with the MOST pleasure and gratitude in my heart to inform you that Serenity Revolution is coming home. We will be embarking on a tour of the west. The nature and mountains in this area are calling to me very loudly!!! My dream of sharing these workshops, trainings, mentoring immersions, specialized yoga classes with vibrational and sound healing has announced it is time to blossom!!!

We will begin in Phoenix, AZ in June. Then over to CA in July. Working on all the details now. Will be working with other healer & teacher friends in some of the cities. To work as a community to help strengthen communities is a major part of our vision. If any of you would like help, or even to suggest your local studios, please email me.

See you in the States!

Hugs and Love,

Gypsy Wolf

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