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Fire and Fear

Imagine riding in a bus with your window wide open. In your gut you feel the passion of fire with absolutely no fear. As the wind rushes past your face, it feels like feathers on Angels’ wings. Gazing at the ever-green of the jungle and the sky, oh-so-blue. Feeling that open freedom in your heart. Feeling like time and space do not exist…

If you can feel this, then you’ve had a taste of it. You KNOW what it’s like. Then why haven’t you gone back??? If you cannot feel this, then let’s address THAT right now as well… What is stopping you? Actually take a moment and write a list of what you think is stopping you. I will try to collaborate one as well coming from your perspectives. Bear with me:

My job, boss, spouse, children, bank accounts. I’m afraid of: planes, boats, getting robbed, not knowing the culture/language. What others will say. Guilt! I don’t deserve that. No time…. And…etc, etc…

That list could go on and on. Basically, ALL are forms of fear. One of the major places we hold onto fear, is in our Manipura. Our Solar Plexus Chakra located just below the chest and above the belly button. Also it is where our fire is cultivated. Personal power of awareness, intelligence, and transformation. If you don’t think you have personal power, then please read one of my last blogs, Personal Permission.

Manipura. Sanskrit word for the Solar Plexus Chakra. Color is Yellow. Mantra is Ram. (for pronunciation of Ram)

Every time I travel, and land in a new place, there is a slight amount of fear mixed with excitement. This has happened, I believe, to keep me on my toes. When I arrived in San Jose the end of November, and Colorado the middle of December, I noticed there was much less fear! It has been replaced with a solid feeling of gratitude and the knowing in my gut that my intuition will ALWAYS guide me. All I have to do is listen. It is pretty loud these days, due to my bodies(physical,emotional,mental,esoteric) being in balance and synced. This has not happened overnight or somehow magically. (Although I do firmly believe in magic!)

By paying attention to my body, mind, soul, and nurturing all of them, the magic of intuition flows clearly and creatively through me. In other words, that voice/feeling that comes from your gut. Your FIRST instinct. It is very possible due to the above mentioned fears, the clarity of your intuition is blocked. I want to help you get in balance so you can be as happy as I am EVERY DAY. What will it take? How can I assist you? Maybe reading this is enough and inspiring you to new heights. Maybe sharing my story is opening lines of energy, thought, and belief in you that can and will lead to your ultimate happiness. Maybe you would like an Intuitive Healing Session with me over the phone or some distance Reiki. Please, share with me how else I can assist you? You can ALWAYS email me at any time. I love you and want the universe for you!!!!! As always, thank you for the support and donations so that I am able to keep this blog going, as well as learning and continuing to spread love and light while traveling.

Another important aspect I’ve learned over the last 4 months, is how important community is. 2 Hearts are better than 1, etc, etc. It just so happens that I have an abundance of healing and teaching friends from ALL OVER! A few of them are listed below in no particular order. Reach out for someone in your area, or even to attend any of their Yoga classes or Retreats. I trust each one of them with my life and well-being.

Namaste, Hugs, and Kisses,

Sara Brooke “Gypsy” Wolf

Certifications: 200 Hour RYT w/Yoga Alliance Reiki Master Teacher Integrative Healer Yinki® Instructor Healing From Within Mentor & Spiritual Teacher.

Kelly Aguilera

Reno, NV

Certified RYT 200

E- RYT 200 and has found her passion in yin yoga.

Certified Integrative Healer and Reiki Master Teacher.

Also completed furthering education in prenatal yoga and is currently in RYT 500 hour studies.

Janna Mauceri

Tranquility Wellness Center

Encinitas, CA

Healing From Within Mentor

Reiki Master

Certified Integrative Healer

Yoga Therapy

 Jennifer Hackman

200hr CYT Oceanside, CA Beach Yoga

Come check it out if you’re local! If not, don’t fret! I live-stream on Periscope @TheZennyLife ☀️

Connect on Facebook: Zenny Yoga

Connect on Instagram: @TheZennyLife

Alisha Olivier Park

Costa Rica & Everywhere

Founder of Tranquility Wellness Center Spiritual Teacher & Healer

 Sean Maac

Calgary, AB Canada

Certified Personal Trainer Specialist

Yoga Teacher

Natural Nutritionist

Specializing in full fitness assessments, fitness program development, weight loss, body sculpting, cardio training, flexibility training and program maintenance.

Functional Fitness and Yoga have been a part of my life for well over 25 years. Integrating that with nutrition has me more fit now than I have ever been in my life.

Karin Vaessen

Jersey City, NJ USA


200 hr RYT

Alyssa Brown

San Diego, CA USA

+1 (858)-210-0513 E-RYT

Certified Health Coach

Diane V Clement Boston, MA 200 RYT Yoga Alliance Certification Certified Childrens Yoga instructor

Meg Tuazon Shemai Encinitas, California Owner of Summit to Sea Yoga and Retreats Yoga Therapist Rx Certified Integrative Healer Young Living Independent Distributor #2184628 Yoga Alliance Certified Coming soon-

women’s retreat on Summer Solstice, June 17th-20th, 2016 Ishka Retreats (womb healing presenter as headliner, yoga, workshops, all inclusive food, education, women of all generations!)

Sarah Livesey

Mallorca, Spain & Everywhere

Cmed Caroline Myss Graduate

Dip In Metaphysics


Chakra Readings

Archetypes(full wheel) Readings

Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Teacher

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