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Home and Heart

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Before leaving the States, this wish crossed my path many times from different souls: “I hope you find what you’re looking for.” Every time, my first thought was, “But I am not looking for anything.” It later dawned on me, instead of finding something, part of my travels were to include losing something…

Spent last week in Santa Teresa with amazingly spiritual souls.

The beginning of the week came with restlessness on my mind and impatience in my bones. Although I was momentarily staying with friends, I felt that my lack of busy-ness directly meant my lack of worth and action. To answer my question of the last entry, it was self-doubt that I had to release. And realization of wholeness that I had to gain.

It became apparent and exactly clear that what I thought was a worthless, un-productive time, was really quite a spiritually inductive time.

Retreating inside. Back up in the jungle. Away from most all distractions, I was forced to listen and feel even deeper. Understanding that sometimes in order to be the best teacher, is to remember to be the most absorbent student.

It is the clarity of equal love that I am learning now. The complete understanding that God/Divine/Higher power, (whatever you call it in your world, it’s all the same), is in me and everyone, by the simple fact this is it how we were created. As I feel the entire universe in me, my breath moves with the ocean and the wind. My heart beats with the wings of the birds and butterflies. I know that I will always be taken care of because I am a part of the Divine, and why wouldn’t the Divine watch it’s own back???

This week brought clarity, so much self-love and understanding, that my concern of being with the man of my dreams has taken a backseat. I am whole NOW! I am complete NOW! The ability to truly see myself in all others and everything around me, has been a great gift. I now feel ready to return to San Josecito, and begin the projects that have been presented.

Here is a sneak peak of the house I’ll be living in…

Home is wherever my heart is!!!

Hugs and Love, Sarita Gypsy Wolf 😉

ps: Big shout out to Alexandra, Dan, Crosby, Maya, Alisha, Jesse, Stella, and Jamie for being reflections of love and light! I love yous!!!

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