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Intensely Immersed

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Home in Colorado for the Holidays, and letting everything sink in from my latest experiences. This has been the longest period between entries. There is a reason, and in order to share with integrity, I must tell you the whole story…

Two and a half weeks in Ciudad Colon. A suburb about 20 minutes from downtown San Jose, Costa Rica. I came here to meet up with Isai and Rodolfo(2 Mexicanos driving from Mexico to Brazil in a VW bus. That’s Rodolfo below.)

Looking to gain clarity on if our travels were going to join each other. If you read my first blog post, you already know what this situation is about. Upon arriving I was also introduced to Paulo and Andriana. Paulo is one of those guys that knows EVERYBODY in town. And EVERYBODY loves him.

A very funny, yet serious when he needs to be kind of guy. He is opening up a restaurant this month called El Saborcito. Generously, he let us crash in it while I was there.

A block and a half up the road, Adriana opened up her beautiful home for us to eat/shower/hang out in. Their two daughters are just as precious as can be!

I want to thank these beautiful, kind, generous souls for their hospitality! These 2 opened up their homes, and hearts, and I am very thankful for them and wherever I make my next home, they are ALWAYS welcome!

The 4 souls and friends I got to connect with during this time will never escape my heart.

Here is the part where I became intensely immersed…

I wrote several times during this period in Colon. In order to get a true account I will lay each of these entries before you to bring about the utmost understanding of what I just experienced.

I have always had the notion in my mind that I want & will experience as much as my heart wishes. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go see, smell, feel, connect in as many different places, things, situations, and people as I can in this lifetime. I LOVE being of service; and spreading/being Love and Light all over the Universe. For this as my path and purpose, my body/mind/soul are truly happy and grateful!

Let’s chat about my intentions and feelings before this latest chapter began…

My intentions for these weeks were to gain clarity on traveling with others. To explore this connection with another soul and by doing that, receive even more clarity on my soul and remembering my path. Every person we meet is for a reason, season, or lifetime,(thanks Candice Beam!) We have the opportunity to learn from every encounter. I was feeling very open to receiving going into this situation.

First Entry:

Seeing, feeling, touching, smelling, breathing your manifestations, is a further reminder for me what we are a part of. I truly believe in the language of the universe! I also know well enough that using words and language in this lifetime can be privy to creative expression.

As people create their realities, can they bring them together in balance to each exist in, when the first languages are that of different origin? I have been unplugged from the world for about 27 hours at this point, and still unsure what day it even is. I’ve spoken the fewest words of my life the past couple days. Those that know me might not believe me! Every moment my eyes are awake and yes probably in my sleep too, I am doing my strongest to stay in this moment and flow of learning another language. Not learning it to “get by in Cabo” for a week. But REALLY REALLY FUCKING LEARNING IT! I want to be able to write with it, sing with it, and especially laugh with it.

So in the spirit of manifestation…

Sweet Divine, Thank you for helping me to remember my Spanish language! I appreciate the help I was able to give that woman in the store, and I thank you sooooooo much for the laughs I had with new friends today in the park. Gracias por el conexión abiertas con mi alma y con mi amor. Y por lo que es.

Currently my entire world is immersed in Spanish. Spanish jokes, Spanish app, Spanish music, Spanish writing, Spanish speaking. My outlet for conversation in English, is mostly in my head. And if you know me, you know this is not a place I choose to dwell. This intense immersion in a new town, new people, new language, new circumstances, and new interests has been incredible. I knew that coming here and meeting up with these people would be nothing less than.

(meet Isai)

Second Entry:

A couple days have now passed…

I got a very good shot of either ego reality or codependency trying to creep back in. Getting to know someone with separate languages is difficult to say the least! I had these thoughts of obligation and return on investment if you will. When what I thought SHOULD happen, or when what I WANTED to happen, didn’t, my brain took over and convinced me that I shouldn’t be here anymore.

One particular evening, we were all out to dinner, and I couldn’t get out of my head. I had a quiet and private mental snap happen, and excused myself from dinner. (Kindly notice at this point how many I’s are in this paragraph….can we say ego???) I walked to the town’s center-park and gazed at the sunset and clouds. Found calmness, peace, and reconnected to my higher observer. Then I walked back and rejoined the group. No harm no foul. We went for a walk the next day and as the words of explanation tried to come out of my mouth, immediately I realized that the entire issue is with me. Not him at all.

Have you heard of the shadow work? The kinds of ways I want to show emotion and communicate may not be the same ways he has. I am fire, passionate, and strong-moving. He is earth, observant, and calmly-floating. His words many many months ago were something like: come with me. Not: consume me. Ok ok. Lesson learned. Are you guys catching on to the abundance factor of my experiences yet?

When you ask for something, if it stems from your highest intention, it can come in boat loads. Gratefully so! 😉

Once again breathe, get centered, grounded and try dipping into Earthy-observation and floating Sara! Experience myself as as many things as I can in this lifetime. Remembering that this is all exactly what I asked for. Bless this experience. Bless this soul. I am ever thankful for these!!!

Third Entry:

2 nights before I left Colon, Costa Rica, I was told I am not listening. Immediately I took the defensive and pointed out that for nearly 3 months this I all I had been doing! Listening to conversations I did not understand. Jokes I couldn’t laugh at and songs I couldn’t sing to. I was appalled that he was telling me how I DON’T LISTEN! We went to sleep abruptly after this conversation. Both a little sad and confused.

The next day, these words kept ringing in my ears. The day brought separation from this man, and I journaled and spent my time with myself. By this time I had decided to come to my sister’s for the holidays and not continue my foreign travels for the moment. Late afternoon Isai, Rodolfo, and I went for dinner. I decided to shed everything and see if what he said was true. So…I…listened. I shut everything else out. I mean EVERYTHING! I don’t even remember if there was music playing where we were.

As the two of them spoke, I began to clearly hear words they were using. As the evening progressed, I could pick up pieces of sentences. That night as we hung out in the very cozy VW bus of my favorite sky-blue color, all of a sudden I could understand what they were talking about!!!! Yes it was only for about 3-5 minutes, but I GOT IT! I fucking got it!

Silent and gentle tears of gratitude rolled down my cheeks. The next day, so bitter and sweet due to my departure and leaving a bit of my heart behind, 4 of us went to breakfast. Again, the words and phrases were clearer than ever before. This time I caught about 5 minutes of the conversation they were having with the waitress. Holy shit, I was listening!!!!! Holy shit, I was understanding!!!!

Fourth Entry:

Now here I am, back in the United States, and feeling like I just left more than a piece of my heart there. I long to be back in those circumstances of intense immersion. My being longs to hear this amazing beautiful language of love.

He had pointed out something I had needed at that exact moment. He; who I have felt, and continue to feel a very strong energetic connection to; has been a perfect angel. A bright soul with more power than he knows at this time. An exact manifestation of what I asked the universe for. A mirror of love and light so intense I could see the world beating with my heart.

Last Entry:

These two beautiful amazing souls are on a little bit of a different journey. The clarity, insight, and love received was more than I imagined! Met and then exceeded my intentions. I will see them again in another time, another place.

After the holidays, my path is taking me to Colombia!!! Stay tuned for details on that. 😉 Intensely immersed and listing to love, I continue on my journey of love and light.

Hugs, Kisses, and Love,

Gypsy Wolf

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