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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

My tropical day: Wake up with the jungle. Literally. An alarm is not needed, at all! The daytime energy begins between 4:30-5am…

(Pictures of the family and home are scattered throughout this post. Much appreciation to Rosi and Julio for inviting me into their beautiful home that they built themselves.)

The Congos,(rad monkeys that voice out something that represents a growl and howl at the same time), usually start their morning grunts about this time. Although, you can hear them at all times during the day, depending on when they want to be heard.

The best time to get in some cardio is between 5 & 6am, before the humidity and heat start to beat you like a dirty, wet, rag. My feet loooooove to run. However, on these jungle-mountain gravel roads, the grades are similar to that of 7-13 on a treadmill. (Always my LEAST favorite thing to do in a workout class.) My legs and butt are getting rocked FOR SURE!

Not to worry, I am doing my best to counter that with my new favorite treat called Yipy. A delicate wafer with a crunch & little-bit-o-cream-filled-slightly-dipped-in-chocolate taste of greatness. Good thing they come packaged individually or I would eat 10 at a time! (actually yesterday I had 4!) :0

Front of the house:

After some stretching, shower, and breakfast, Tuesday through Friday, I head off to school with Julio Cesar, where I am trying to teach English to 12 students. Rosi, his Mom, always drops us off. We are there from 7am-1pm.

My meditation/altar area in my room:

Many of you know how EXTREMELY important I believe and know meditation is, and how it can be very beneficial to do in the morning. Seeing as how maintaining balance is key, my balance here means letting my body workout first thing in the morning. Meditation either follows, or, finds itself at some other point during the day when I can sit down in peace for an extended amount of time. (20-60 mins.) On the days meditation is later in the schedule, it is always in the forefront of my mind to remember to breathe and take the world lightly. Especially when working with children. And even more especially when those children, teacher, and I, do not share a common language.

Julio & Julio Cesar. Rosi’s parent’s house next door in the background:

After school, I spend time on my Spanish. Writing down stuff in English and then translating it. Rosi’s sister, Monserrath, checks my work. She is studying English, so we help each other out. I can hear and understand words when others speak to me, much more than when I arrived. However, what they all mean, is sometimes still over my head. If you have children, PLEASE PLEASE get them into a second language now!!!!

I have picked up my beautiful guitar, Candice, again. I downloaded ‘Guitar for Dummies’ on my kindle. Slowly but surely strengthening my left hand! Haven’t written any lyrics in a while. I feel it that is something that will come while on stretches of alone days.

Around 5:30 dinner is made. By the way, Rosi cleans the house everyday, and is the chef for every meal! A very happy and dedicated lady. Adore her! (Left to right: Monserrath, Mamma Marie, Rosi)

The food has been interesting to get used to. Rice and beans are served 3 times a day. At first I enjoyed it and it was good. Now though, my body and digestive system are not liking all the carbs and vegetable oil. Rarely is a green vegetable in sight. I finally broke down and bought some green beans. Still, it’s an adjustment like every other part of my being is having to do. And I’m sure the Yipys are not helping. Rosi bought a bunch of stuff for us girls to start juicing next week. AWESOME!!!!!

If futbol is on, of course we watch that, which is about 3-4 nights a week. I am really enjoying it, and learning a lot about it, and the different levels of play.

Before bed I’ll do a little reading for about an hour. Right now, ‘Conversations with God’, by Neale Donald Walsch is enriching my heart and soul with remembrances. No matter what you believe, I HIGHLY suggest picking this up.

This previous party-girl-princess is usually in bed by 8:30!!!!!!!! Some nights even earlier!!!

This lifestyle has been amazing for me and my soul. Of course difficult at times. And the lack of personal time/space can also be frustrating. I asked for it, and either way, am loving every second. I had my first really challenging day on Day 32. Today is Day 38. I will post about this soon as well.

Feel free to leave your comments, or email me with any questions you may have. XOXO

Hugs and Love,

Gypsy Wolf

***Updates*** If you have been reading since the beginning, you know of my friend Isai from Mexico, and his role in this journey. He is in Costa Rica now, up North. Has had some interesting issues come up in his journey as well. We are in contact, and will see each other when it is time.

Starting this Monday, Oct. 26th, and most likely every monday after, my day will be spent volunteering at the Community Carbon Tree nursery. Now I will be helping to plant literal seeds!!!! Stay tuned for pics, more on this adventure, and when I will be volunteering at Santa Lucia Falls.

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