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Soul on Fire

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Clean Filters

The “Love” that I thought I was looking for has come in and gone out. So many times I cannot recall the borders of flesh between each. As the storm arrives in my mind of neurotic thoughts, worries, and unfathomed ideals, this time I know I must continue with what my heart & soul have told me, guided me, clearly shown me what my next steps are. And it is not looking for this “love” outside of me anymore.

Love is an addition to what we are living. Love is an added ingredient to the dish of experience. Yes, Love is who we are at our core. I believe in this very dense world, experience, creation, and expansion are what we are here for.

How do we respond to our experiences? Can we create a space of unconditional love within us no matter the experience? And by doing so, are we able to really witness and FEEL our expansion with appreciation?

When we realize that Love IS all of these things and guides all of these things from within us, then we’ve found it. We re-membered it.

So to flow forward in the space of love, we must also stay the course with what we want to experience. What sets our souls on fire??? Nothing or something will always be occurring when we view from the eyes of the mind.

When we view from the eyes of the soul, it is always perfect, no matter what is happening. Confusion sets in when we live in the head like a monkey operating a tractor. Often up, down, forwards & backward all seem to become coagulated together like a maze of a shit show.

Last fall I received a new process from Goddess Tara who reminded me that I have a responsibility to keep my filters clear. This means relaxing & emptying the mind, heart & gut. Then asking them what they need to be crystal clear.

After receiving those instructions, it is then time to properly clean the physical, emotional, and astral bodies. Whatever this means to you, do it. Then we can FEEL in tune with what our direction is to be.

It was after doing this process for about 2 weeks when I received clarity that it was time to leave the desert. I didn’t know how or when, just that I was crystal clear it was time to set the intention for more trees & water!

I had a choice at this moment. I could choose to live in fear and worry about where to go, when to leave, and how to support this move. OR I could relax into radical trust. Relax into Love and remain open to receiving.

This soul-work of continuing to choose Love over fear: acting from, speaking from, and sitting in, is a daily observation and practice. It’s become quite fun for me to observe and see what I do and how I do in every moment.

I am here to listen, and to flow with what that greater intelligence is guiding me to. For those experiences will continue to steep me in the deep love the I am, and I will therefore come to know my SELF a little bit better.

So making decisions in life based on whether or not I will get to give or receive more love, is a quite ridiculous thought process.

The love will always be there. Go for the experiences that set your soul on fire!

All my Sweet & Fierce Love,

Sara Gypsy Wolf

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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