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Struggle and Strength

We all struggle in life with our direction from time to time. My main passion in this life is to be of service to others. To share my Struggles, and my Strength…

Today it makes me excited to announce that Gypsy Wolf will be broadcasting LIVE weekly on Persicope (@gypsywolfdiary) to share my gifts as a Healer, Teacher and Healing From Within Mentor. You mean I am the driver in my life???

Yes of course I get nervous to talk to a little black camera in my phone. Much easier to look a person in the eyes and speak! Or is it? There was a time I could not even do that. My personal fear of failure and how it relates to stepping into my own power, is the topic this week. Tomorrow. Friday actually. I will share honestly my story of this struggle and strength. How I have become the driver in my own life.

Each weekly broadcast is slated for Fridays. Tune in for tomorrow’s broadcast — Friday the 25th at 11:30AM pacific as I share my personal struggle story with fully stepping into my power. I will also provide tips on how to find strength in your individual journeys.

In case you miss any of the live broadcasts or you want to watch it again, they will be available afterwards via my channel.

Please know my team and I are always here listening to your comments, suggestions, struggles, and strengths. If you would like us to cover a specific topic, please let us know.

As always, we thank you so much for your continued support and donations to make this available to you.

Hugs and Love,

Gypsy Wolf

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