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The Birth

More than a year…

Welcome to the Revolution that almost made me quit! Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times I almost threw in the towel.

In 2018 there was this feeling that an expansion of extreme measures was needed and on its way. As a result, I once again choose to dive way down into my soul and the darkness in my head. Deeper & further than I’ve gone to date. I’m sure this is how it will continue…that’s the path yes? Reaching a layer, cleansing, clearing it, moving forward, reaching another layer, etc…

To read up on how this transition came about, head over to my last blog titled: “The Lesson.”

Now here I am, introducing you to something that I am still not sure what she will grow into. All I can tell you is that I’m hooked. Hooked on her, this flow, this life, and the feelings I have inside. I am very much in love.

This morning before meditation, I asked my highest self how could I intro something I’ve been working on for over a year? I was guided to the following passages:

“To learn, and at due times to repeat what one has learnt, is that not after all a pleasure?” – Confucius- The World’s Wisdom by Phillip Novak
“I have transmitted what was taught to me without making up anything of my own. I have been faithful to and loved the ancients.” Confucius- The World’s Wisdom by Phillip Novak
“I have listened in silence and noted what was said, I have never grown tired of learning, nor wearied of teaching others what I have learnt. These at least are merits which I can confidently claim.” Confucius- The World’s Wisdom by Phillip Novak

In other words, these quotes allowed me to realize that this dance between learning (remembering) & teaching is what Shakti Revolution is all about. What else is there to do? OM is a vibration, and I believe music really is the answer, so let’s dance…

Shakti (Sanskrit, pronounced Shuk-Tee) translates to power, divine energy. Defined as- the female principle or organ of generative power.

Revolution: a forcible overthrow…in favor of a new system; a single orbit of one object around another or about an axis or center.

Shakti Revolution is a vessel for all to drink from.

A way to access the information system that resides within you which holds the ancient teachings from the greatest Masters. She is Love, freedom, equality, ownership and expression. She honors surrender, commitment, wildness, boldness, non-judgement, integrity, honesty, and creative movement. Which results in acceptance, strength, being witnessed, empowered, and encouraged.

Shakti Revolution will be many things to many different people:

1. A support system for your spiritual awakening

2. A place to truly be seen, heard and understood

3. An opening to your realization of your flow around and within your consciousness

4. A scientific path to liberation and freedom

5. A doorway that leads to your enjoyment and bliss

6. A key that unlocks the deep love that you are, and will attract

7. A platform in which to meet and nurture the relationships that you deserve

8. A canvas to create your wildest dreams

9. An opportunity for true acceptance

10. A space to rest in peace and pure love

We were never meant to go this journey alone. Aren’t we all on this planet at this time together for a reason? The old paradigm, way of dong things, has shifted. We are ushering in a new world. A new way to be in this society & culture. To dance, create, and re-member together is one of the best joys, and reasons we are here. 

Our processes and events will assist you on your path. A spark to light and fuel your own awakening so that you may discover any or ALL of the above. Offering truly unique and personalized experiences for those that are ready to reclaim their dignity.

When the universe was created, it came from the resonate sound/vibration of OM.

Sometimes spelled AUM. Consciousness needed a creative force so it could have some thing to be conscious of. This vibration is the Shakti. The feminine force OF and that IS creation. The Goddess to the God


Akara– create

Ukara– preserve

Makara– dissolve

Create, preserve, dissolve. This is the never-ending cycle of life, death, rebirth. This is the vibration that we all flow from and with. Create yourself, preserve your understandings, and then dissolve into them so you can create/expand again. Your power revolution is awaiting you!

I am honored and humbled to reveal this birth of love. This birth and incredible transformation that occurred deep within me. From deep within the creative flow of the Divine. This vessel that is yours to ride the waves of life…

On behalf of all the powers of the universe flowing through me, I welcome you to Shakti Revolution!

I look forward to connecting with you, and guiding you in any way that I am able.

All my love, and sweet delicious hugs,

Sara Brooke Wolf

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