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The Lesson

From an idea to a seedling. How did I become impregnated with this Shakti passion? Pronounced: [shuhk-tee.] I had NO CLUE just how deep, painful, and intricate this expansion and lesson was going to be. Be very clear & conscious of what you wish for…

In 2013 after becoming certified as a Second Degree Reiki Practioner and Integrative Healer, I decided to form a DBA. Not really knowing anything about being self-employed other than picking a business name. At the time my main income was as a hairstylist. Something I was great at, but not passionate about. One afternoon, as I sat in a chair at the back of the salon with the sun shining through the windows and hitting my shoulders, the name Serenity Revolution was born. This was after hours of brainstorming with the help of my amazing co-workers…bless their hearts!

As much as I love this name, there was never a mission, vision, or deep passion that came from inside me. There was the passion to help others, yes, but no clear desire about what I really wanted to create. This path found me and in 2011 if you told me I would be doing this now, I would’ve thought you were CRAZY.

I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL to all the souls that have helped build Serenity’s events, workshops, and one on one mentoring. In the past year ideas and new offerings with a different “feel” to them have been coming in through my heart. I knew it was time to change up & “re-brand” Serenity Revolution, I just didn’t know how or when this was going to happen, or even what that entailed.

After asking the Divine last spring what was needed for the growth of Serenity Rev, the word “people” came in. So that was my focus. Reaching out & creating relationships with as many people as I could. Having events that ranged from free to retreats in the hundreds of dollars spectrum.

I was thick in the “hustle” of it all. Was able to freely travel, teach, and have events locally here in Phoenix. One of these trips was to Bhakti Fest. A (very sober) yoga, workshop, kirtan, and music fest. A life changing event for me. I discovered what Shakti really was, and more importantly, I discovered the Shakti that flowed through me.

According to, Shakti is defined as- the female principle or organ of generative power.

Though to really understand Shakti, is to experience her. It became clear that my deepest desire was to connect with my spirituality even more. To connect to my SELF through a deeper devotion of daily practices. On my drive home, I received a clear message that this Shakti Revolution was to be the new business name and focus of my offerings. (See Shakti & Me Mentorship at the bottom of this post.) That was just the beginning of what the Divine Mother had in store for me in regards to my own personal Shakti Revolution.

If you desire to teach something, you must first go through it (whether you like it or not) so you can teach from a place of experience. There are not enough books in the world that can teach you more thoroughly than experience. Now being a stubborn, strong-headed Aries coupled with lingering self doubt meant that my desires and changes weren’t going to just happen. I required something a little more from the universe to force me into the metamorphosis I had requested. At the same time, this “hustle” was beginning to wear on me. I was becoming exhausted.

After said fest, I began reading a book about Shakti and working with some of the more familiar pantheon of Hindu Goddesses. Now when I say this, realize that these Goddesses represent aspects of our psyche, parts of our characteristics, events that happen in the world and nature, & can even show up as people in our lives. One month later, a dear friend showed up in the form of the Goddess Kali. (I did not recognize this at the time.) Blessed be this transformational event!

Before realizing the gift that my friend had imparted, and after our dramatic and painful episode, I began working with Chinnamasta. She is the Goddess of radical self-transcendence and ecstatic empowerment. Her form is depicted as having severed her own head so she can hold it and drink from the wellspring of eternal lie that is within her, streaming from her neck. (Goddess work is no joke people!) I was ready to cut off what was holding me back (ego) so I could take in what the Divine has to offer, from within me. I was moving through a psychological & mental death.

Exactly one week later, I was guided to work with Goddess Kali. The darkest & most fierce of them all. Some of her attributes: death, radical rebirth, dynamic power of change, righteous anger, liberation through dying to the ego, wildness and radical audacity. Sitting in meditation, I heard her say “You must feel the fear to eradicate it!” From my journal on that day: “The fear of being judged, shamed, rejected, abandoned. The fear of being labeled as a phony, fake, in-authentic person. It took working with Chinnamasta to move past my ego so that I could feel all of this fear on every level with Kali and release it.”

The episode with my friend, left me feeling ALL of these fears. This is not to point fingers. As with any situation, there are 2 sides, and I admittedly made some decisions that fueled this episode and betrayed my highest intention and will. I will not get into the details of what happened. That’s between her & I, and she has her side of what healing opportunities could have come from this, if she so desires.

This was the “ah-ha” moment-

The book I am studying to help guide me through these experiences is: Awakening Shakti– by Sally Kempton. In the Kali Chapter, I read the following line and it all became abundantly clear…“Her rant was so far out…that it finally struck me: this woman was enacting a manifestation of Kali’s wrathful face.”

OMG!!! My FRIEND was the force that I called upon for a deeper change! There were things that were said that hit deep wounds within me. AND I WAS DONE! Done being a victim in my own head. Done letting what others say effect me. Done with being even a little bit inauthentic. Done with caring what others think. Done with showing up how others so desperately need and want me to, despite my own true feelings and desires. Done, done, done!

I was thrust into the wrath & darkness of Kali’s embrace so fast & furious that I didn’t even understand all of this for weeks! I began embracing Kali by dedicating my daily yoga practice to her, bowing down and surrendering to the greater Ma Shakti in me & all around me. Journaling my true, raw, emotions, and getting really REAL with what my shortcomings have been. Re-aligning with Spirit so that I bring more compassion into myself & all those around me. M