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Turquoise Truth

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

One month before my mom passed, and just days after my first visit out of the country to Peru, I was in the hospital with pneumonia and no insurance. During that trip I was proposed to, and said yes.

Vishuddha. Sanskrit word for the Throat Chakra. Color is Turquoise. Mantra is Ham. Pronounced like it rhymes with Mom.

They say that not speaking your truth can block the throat chakra. I also believe it can have an incredible reaction on the lungs. I had a certain amount of anxiety, doubt, and sadness when I said yes to that proposal. Although, those feelings were so deep I did not recognize them at the time. And I knew that my mom was not going to make it much longer, despite the hope that some of my family seemed to have.

The doctors said I must’ve caught some “bug”, that, after days of testing they could not pinpoint. But I knew. Deep, deep, down in my heart, I knew.

The mind is so powerful, it can trick you into sugar coating what your heart is screaming. My pneumonia was not caused from a Peruvian mishap. It came from not being honest with my heart. So there! My first major proof that emotions and thoughts can manifest into physical dis-ease.

My intention for this diary, is to share my experiences with complete honesty and raw emotion. I’ve been taught, as well as now teach, how vital it is to express your emotions and acknowledge your thoughts. So here we go…

Gypsy Wolf Diary:

Manifestation, following your heart, and listening to your gut all fit together like intricate pieces of a puzzle. This calling to go spread love, light, and healing has been in my heart for quite some time. Looking back, I feel it has always been within me. My personal transformation over the past couple years has unveiled that calling more and more. In the past year, it has been quite loud! So I agreed to go, and waited for the universe to tell me when, where, and how.

It’s quite obvious, now, the when and where. The HOW was something I continued to wait for. With the help of meditation, yoga, and journaling, peace and calmness surrounded my mind on the HOW subject, just weeks before leaving. The morning of my departure arrived with my next step still eluding me. My heart kept saying “don’t worry it will come to you as you need it.” My gut said “it’s gonna happen on the plane honey!!!”

Low and behold…it happened on the plane just as I needed it. 😉

In the seat next to me sat a Colombian Angel named Claudia. I was exhausted and my eyelids were heavier than molasses. However, my gut decided to be hungry and accept the free continental breakfast. Claudia and I got to chatting, and she ended up inviting me to her Eco-house in the jungle near Uvita. Immediately I gave thanks and blessings to Divine for this. Her house is amazing and sleeps 12 very comfortably. Perfect for large familys, large getaways, and any kind of retreat! She is the soul responsible for introducing me to everyone I met over the next 3 days. Refugio Madreselva

During those days, everything I had set an intention to manifest, manifested with rapid speed. The intention to be love and light. To spread both of those using and teaching the tools of: Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Gratitude, Music, Hugs, and of course, Mother Gaia. Also to become fluent in Spanish and learn Guitar!

Manifestation Results:


-Met Jenny Smith, founder and president of ACCT. Association Community Carbon Trees. They plant trees and help to reforest, deforested spots in the country. She says, “Saving the rainforest means we have to create reasons for farmers to stop cutting it down.” Planting and maintaining trees grows alternative, sustainable income for local communities. BYE BYE palm oil farms!!! (read your labels please???) I will be volunteering to help Jenny & Mother Gaia, and raise money for her cause! You can help by sponsoring a tree at only $25. See the chart below for just how far that goes.


-Was welcomed into a very large Tico(local Costa Ricans), family. A lot of them live within this village called San Josecito, near Uvita. Rosi and her husband, Julio, invited me to stay with them for a while and teach them and their son English. They will teach me Spanish. I will be volunteering at the local school of 11 children, teaching them English, arts and crafts, and Yoga. I have a feeling there is the possibility of bringing in music to the school as well. (Universe hasn’t given me that plan yet.) Will also teach the locals that wish for it, yoga and meditation. And apparently, someone in the family plays guitar and can teach me!

They are a very kind and humble family, and any monies I can raise for projects at the school, or to offset the costs of me staying with them, would be very much appreciated!

Rosi’s 10yr old son, Julio Cesar’s favorite local fútbol team is Saprissa. So of course, now it is mine as well!


-Traversed a beautiful hike called Santa Lucia Falls. Humberto was my guide, and the only one who maintains the trail. This years intense rains have washed away a lot of it. (All pictures of this are on my real camera, and have not had the chance to upload yet.) It was pretty medium-difficult hike for me. He said his typical customers wouldn’t be able to do it, and is a bit worried with the upcoming tourist season starting in December. Volunteering here will also be on my schedule, and I am asking for help to raise money for him to hire someone long enough to fix the trails before December. Doing this work alone in the jungle is very dangerous, and I know his wife and 2 adorable young daughters rely on him heavily.

SO, do you need more proof that manifestation is real??? That following your heart and listening to your soul can only lead to magic that is so intense you almost burst at the seams??? This is my truth. I am peacefully shouting it from my vishuddha and heart and I know you hear me!!!! It’s been 6 days, and already my soul has wept tears of complete happiness, humbleness, and gratitude many times.

It was unclear to some of you what this calling/journey of mine meant. I hope you gained some clarity from this. I hope you can feel that the love and light in me, is the same in you! I hope we can move mountains together and dance on the same stage.

Please let me know which cause is your favorite?

I love you with all of my heart and soul!!!!


This first entry is dedicated to my Mom. Tomorrow is her birthday, and I had no idea I was to post this today, or that part of her story would tie in. (See? More magic!) I remember, honor, love, and miss, one of my most incredible teachers ever!

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